Honours for the prytany of Aigeis

IG II3 1 921 Date: 265/4 BC
Decree 1 . . . . . . since the prytany of AigeisIV, after praising and crowning the treasurer whom they chose from themselves, declares to the Council that he has made all the sacrifices that were required in the prytany . . . . . . , for good fortune, the Council shall decide: (5) to praise the treasurer Nikokrates son of Dion of Ankyle and the secretary Antisthenes son of Onesiphon of Teithras for their piety to the gods and love of honour (philotimias) for the tribesmen; and to praise the tribal (ek tōn phuletōn) representative Kallikrates of Kollytos; and to praise the herald of the Council and People Eukles son of Philokles of Trinemeia.
Decree 2 (10) In the twelfth prytany. - son of Epikrates of Aithalidai proposed: since Nikokrates when allotted to serve on the Council for the year of the archonship of Euboulos (265/4) has continued to speak and do what good he could on behalf of the Council and People, and chosen as treasurer by the Council has both allocated the [funds (poron)] to the religious officials (hieropoiois) for all the sacrifices and has shared in managing the conduct of all the sacrifices (15) himself, and he sacrificed from his own resources and has shown love of honour (pephilotimētai) for the Council, and for all matters he has administered he has rendered account to the Council correctly and justly, for good fortune, the Council shall decide: to praise Nikokrates son of Dion of Ankyle for his piety to the gods and love of honour (philotimias) for the Council.
col. 1
Ankyle (20) Nikokrates son of Dion
Teithras Antisthenes son of Onesiphon Polystratos son of Dorkeus Theopompos son of Euthyphron (25) Ameinoteles son of Antidoros
Erchia Kallistratos son of Telesinos Euxenos son of Euxitheos Epigenes son of Epameinon (30) Panaitios son of Philon Sokles son of Aristophilos Eubios son of Eupolemos Solon son of Athenodoros Amphikles son of Pythodoros (35) Lysikrates son of Euphiletos Euphiletos son of Lysikrates
Otryne Philistides son of Diodoros
col. 2
Halai (40) Euthymachos son of Euthykrates Mnesilochos son of Mnasippos Pediokles son of Smikythos Mnesarchos son of Mnesarchides Athenippos son of Athenippos (45) Epicharides son of Lys- Mnesagoras son of Nikomenes Polyzelos son of Kleinippos
Kollytos Kallikrates son of Pythodelos (50) Kleites son of Nikon Dion son of Dion Aristion son of Polykrates
Phegaia Chairestratos son of Polyeuktos (55) Antiphon son of Polyeuktos Amphikrates son of Amphikles
Philaidai Menaichmos son of Aristos Diotimos son of Melanthios (60) Euagides son of Deinias
col. 3
Ionidai Demosthenes son of Satyros
Plotheia Nikon son of Theodoros (65) Periandros son of Lysias
Kolonos - - - Lysikles son of Lysikles
Hestiaia (70) Archias son of Kriton
Kydantidai Demokles son of Demokles
Erikeia Antidoros son of Diokles (75) Agathokles son of Aristophanes
Araphen Kallippos son of Antandros Kallisthenes son of Phanomachos
Myrrhinoutta (80) Akademos son of Neokles
In crown The tribesmen (crown) the treasurer Nikokrates
In crown The People (crowns) (85) the prytany
In crown Those with perpetual dining rights (aisitoi) (crown) the treasurer Nikokrates
In crown The tribesmen (crown) (90) Kallikrates of Kollytos
In crown The tribesmen (crown) the secretary Antisthenes
In crown (95) The tribesmen (crown) the herald Eukles
In crown the undersecretary Epikles
In crown (100) The tribesmen (crown) the secretary of the People Neoptolemos[1]