Honours for the prytany of Erechtheis

IG II3 1 922 Date: 265/4 BC
Decree 1 . . . [... to praise the prytany] [of ErechtheisIII and crown them with a gold crown according to the] (1) law for their excellence and love of honour (philotimias) for the Council and the Athenian People; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it [in the prytanikon; and for the inscription] (5) and the stele [the board of administrators (tous epi tei dioikēsei) shall give] the expenditure accrued.
Decree 2 Aristonymos son of Th- of - proposed: since the prytany of ErechtheisIII, after praising and crowning the treasurer whom they chose from themselves, declare to the Council (10) that he has managed all of their sacrifices which were required in the prytany and everything else well and with love of honour (philotimōs), for good fortune, the Council shall decide: to praise the treasurer Nikokles son of Apollodoros of Lamptrai for his piety towards the gods and his love of honour (philotimias) to the (15) tribesmen; and to praise the secretary (chosen) from themselves whom they have reported to the Council, Pasikles son of Pasion of Euonymon for his care and justice towards the tribesmen.
col. 1
Lamptrai (20) Nikokles son of Apollodoros Philippos son of Philippides Ktesikrates son of Ktesias Aristonymos son of Arsitonymos Deinon son of Deinostratos (25) Ktesias son of Philodemos Epichares son of Sosippos Kallias son of Kalliteles Dion son of Diodoros Smikrias son of Eumedes
(30) Euonymon Pasikles son of Pasion Peitharchos son of Peithidemos Epikrates son of Androkle(-) Diodoros son of Diphilos (35) Timokles son of Leokrates Timokles son of Timodemos Dionysios son of Autonous Kallistratos son of Kallistratos
col. 2
Theotimos son of Euphranor (40) Ktesarchos son of Timandros Charmokrates son of Sokles Xenokles son of Thrasylochos
Kephisia Philophron son of Aristodemos (45) Antikrates son of Antikrates Dioxis son of Dioxis Antimachos son of Philokles Protomachos son of Protomachos Pythokles son of Grypon (50) Antimachos son of Antikles Menalkes son of Philokrates
Anagyrous Hieronymos son of Hieron Nikoboulos son of Aristeides (55) Sosistratos son of Solon Athenokles son of Nausimachos Poseidippos son of Theophanes Mnesikles son of Menestratos Philostratos son of Sosthenes
col. 3
(60) Kteson son of Ktes-
Pergase Aristokleides son of Ar- Polykleides son of Kalli- Antokides son of Naukrates
(65) Kedoi Pythodoros son of Pythodelos Euphemos son of Eugnotos
Phegous Dexandros son of Dexandros
(70) Themakos Simonides son of Simonides
Pambotadai Leokritos son of Philinos
Sybridai (75) Euboulos son of Eudikos
Agryle Charias son of Charidemos Theramenes son of Charias Phrynichos son of Epikrates
(80) The prytany crowned the following:
In crown the treasurer Nikokles son of Apollodoros of Lamptrai
In crown (85) The Council, the People (crown) the prytany
In crown Those with perpetual dining rights (aeisitoi) (crown) (90) the treasurer Nikokles son of Apollodoros of Lamptrai
In crown the (95) secretary Pasikles son of Pasion of Euonymon
In crown the herald (100) of the Council and People Eukles of Trinemeia
In crown the secretary (105) of the Council and People Neoptolemos of Deiradiotai
In crown the (110) undersecretary Epikles son of Kallimachos of Iphistiadai
- - - (115) Dionysios son of Autonous of Euonymon[1]