Dedication by trierarchs, 357/6 BC ?

IG II3 4 245 Date: 357/6 BC (?)
The trierarchs dedicated [to Athena, having been crowned] by the Council and People [in the archonship of Agathokles (357/6)?] those who [sailed] to the Hellespont [with Chares?][1] Teisippos son of S- of - (5) Periandros son of Polyaratos of Cholargos[2] Habronides son of M- of [Kopros] Polyeuktos son of - of Lamptrai Aristokles son of - of Eleusis Cheimeus son of Kikon of Lakiadai (10) Diokles son of Diopeithes of Angele Arrheneides son of Charikles of Paiania.