Dedication to Asklepios and Hygieia

IG II3 4 808 Date: 91/2 AD, 2nd cent. AD
Dedication 1 (front) 91/2 AD
[1] of Eirenaios of Phyle dedicated to Asklepios and Hygeia, a votive (euchēn) on behalf of her children, in the priesthood for life of Gaius Cassius – of Kollytos, and under the management of (epimelētou) (5) Titus Coponius Maximus of Hagnous, and in the zakorate of Alexandros son of Alexandros of Oe, and in the archonship of Quintus Trebellius Rufus of Lamptrai (91/2).
Dedication 2 (right side) 2nd cent. AD
Dekmos son of Theomnestos (10) of Acharnai to Asklepios and Hygeia.[2]