Honours for Antonius Oxylos of Elis, 99/100 AD

IG II2 1072 Date: 99/100 AD
In the archonship of Titus Coponius Maximus, son of the sacred herald (hierokērukos), of Hagnous (99/100), twenty-third of Boedromion, in the third prytany, of AntiochisXI, fifteenth day of the prytany, for which Nikias son of Dorion of Phlya was secretary, sacred Council at Eleusis.[1] Of the presiding committee, Herakleitos of Piraeus was putting to the vote and his fellow members of the presiding committee. The hoplite general (5) for the second time and gymnasiarch for the second time and priest of Ares Enyalios and Enyo and Zeus Geleon, sacred herald Titus Coponius Maximus of Hagnous proposed:[2] since it is ancestral custom for the Council to honour those from Greece who are good and well-born men, both while they are living and when they depart from life, and since Antonius Oxylos of Elis, son of Antonius Samippos, a fine and good (kalos k’agathos) youth, honoured by our city since the time of his earliest ancestors, (10) has died before his time,[3] for good fortune, the Council of 600 and the People shall decide[4] to permit a statue (andrianta) to be set up on the Acropolis on account of his excellence (aretēs), so that, when this is done, the generosity (philanthrōpia) of the city to those men who are fine and good shall become clear to all.