Soldiers stationed in Rhamnous honour their unit commanders

AIO 842 Date: 301/0 BC ?
- son of -mos of Prospalta proposed: since Philokles and Diodoros, unit commanders (chiliarchoi)[1] appointed by Diomedes the general in charge of the countryside in the archonship of Kl[earchos?] (301/0),[2] (5) managed well and with love of honour (philotimōs) the guarding of the fort and the general and the citizen soldiers who were stationed with them in Rhamnous, and they continued to take great care, (10) speaking and acting in their interests, showing the good will that they have for them, for good fortune, the soldiers shall decide: to praise Philokles son of Prokles of Hekale, Diodoros son of Oinostratos (15) of Anagyrous, and to crown each of them with a gold crown according to the law for their excellence and the love of honour (philotimias) that they are found to have towards both the general Diomedes and the soldiers; and those of the soldiers who are chosen (20) shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in Rhamnous in the sanctuary of Dionysos;[3] and for the inscription of the stele and its erection the soldiers shall give the cost ⟦ . . . ⟧ (25) ⟦ . . . ⟧ ⟦ . . . ⟧