Letter and honours for Polybios of Sardis

Sardis VII 2 319-320 Date: ca. 150 AD
Side A
(Sardis VII 2, 319) . . . (1) to the established (?) Hadrianeion . . . [1] and congratulating [you on your] prosperity (euphorias) [resulting from this] man and these things we . . . , praying that all those who come from the same place to be resident (epidēmountōn) (5) here prove to be of this sort, we pray to the ancestral gods that you may be well.
Side B
(Sardis VII 2, 320) . . . [3] let it be left.” The presiding officer (proedros) put the question, “Is it decided that a letter should be written to the the most mighty (kratistois) Sardians about the most noteworthy Polybios?” To all: or “(Yes, it is decided) by all!” (?) (5) “What do you think?” “Let a memorandum be passed (hupomnēmatisasthō)!” Having been called in, Polybios said,[3] “I consider no other blessing (eudaimonias) more magnificent than my present one, men of the Areopagos. I have the good fortune (10) to stand before you and to speak and to enjoy the testimonial (marturias) from you, which even the gods thought highly of, when they received it.” They shouted out, “You are worthy (axios)!”