Decree of Athens and decision (dogma) of Second Athenian League for Paros, 373/2 and 372/1 BC

RO 29 Date: 373/2 BC (Allied decision), 372/1 BC (Athenian decree)
Athenian decree[1] . . . . . . in accordance with tradition, and to the Panathenaia a cow and panoply and send to the Dionysia a cow and (5) phallos as a [commemoration], since they happen to be colonists of the Athenian People. Inscribe the decree and the reconciliation which the allies resolved for the Parians, and put the stele on the acropolis; (10) and for inscribing the stele the treasurer (tamian) of the People shall give 20 drachmas; and invite to hospitality in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow the ambassadors (presbeis) of the (14) Parians.
Allied decision (dogma) (14) In the archonship of Asteios (373/2). On the old and new day (henēi kai neai) (15) of Skirophorion. - of Thebes putting to the vote. The Allies decided: so that the Parians shall live [in harmony] and nothing violent shall happen [there?], if anybody kills [anybody unjustly?] those who are guilty (20) [shall be put to?] death . . . [pay?] the penalty in accordance with the laws . . . or exiles anybody contrary to the laws and this decree . . . . . . (25) . . . . . .