Decree of Eitea honouring Hippokles son of Demokles, 332/1 BC?

SEG 28.102 Date: 332/1 BC (?)
Gods.[1] Relief Timokrates son of Timokles of Eitea proposed: since Hippokles son of Demokles of Eitea . . . (5) . . . . . . the deme and does what good is in his power for the demesmen both now and in time past (10)by both word and deed, that the demesmen shall decide, to praise Hippokles son of Demokles of Eitea and crown him with a gold crown of 500 drachmas for his [excellence] (15)and justice towards the demesmen; and the treasurer in the archonship of [Niketes (332/1) ?] shall inscribe this decree and stand it in the sanctuary (20)of Basile on a stone stele and account to the demesmen for whatever the cost may be.