Decree of Acharnai on constructing altars for Ares and Athena Areia

SEG 21.519 Date: ca. 335-325 BC
(1a)Gods. (1)In the priesthood of Leon. The Acharnians decided. Relief Kalliteles son of Stesias proposed: so that an altar may be constructed of Ares and Athena Areia as best as possible; since the god (5)responded that it was preferable and better for the deme of the Acharnians and the People of Athens to construct altars of Ares and Athena Areia so that the Acharnians and the Athenians may conduct (10)their relations with the gods piously, the Acharnians shall decide, since the chosen men and the architects indicate the cost of construction, to declare for how much the demesmen decide to construct the (15)altars, so that nothing shall prevent construction before the sacrifice of the Areia; and so that the one who advances the money may recover it . . . . . . [1]