Sardis honours Hadrian

Follet and Peppas Delmousou, Sardes et Synnada 1 Date: ca. 131/2 AD
For good fortune, for the Graces of Emperor [Hadrian]. Emperor Hadrian Olympios' benefactions (euergesiai) are [as many as those of Kroisos (?) the Lydian] towards us Sardians [erasure], with respect to which things (5)[the most divine emperor (?)] chooses to watch over us, revive us, and set us [apart] uninscribed space [Hadrian Augustus], having promised [many things(?)] himself for us, [made(?) even] the citizens so much better, [that, as they] act with love of honour (philoteimoumenōn) regarding their own resources and also the resources from which they provide through the emperors' management (epimeleias) and permission (sugchōrēseōs) from League (koinōn) and public (dēmosiōn) funds, (10)he guaranteed that Sardis would have a new and [splendid] beauty, and, in sum, it is not possible [to exceed these things, and we] are dumbfounded. uninscribed space The erection of the [stele was taken care of by the ones who produced] it from their own funds, the representatives (sunedroi) to the P[anhellenion and envoys(?)], -chos and Aulus Cornelius Postumus [uninscribed space]