Decree of Athmonon honouring the merarchai of 325/4 BC

IG II2 1203 Date: 325/4 BC
Gods.[1] Theodorides proposed: since the section leaders (merarchai) in the archonship of Antikles (325/4) managed the sacrifices and common (funds) (koinōn)[2] (5) well and with love of honour (philotimōs), the demesmen shall decide to crown the section leaders in the archonship of Antikles (325/4), Chairephanes son of Chariades, Dionysophanes (10) son of Dionysodoros, Lykophron son of Lykiskos, Antiphon son of Aristomachos, Lysippos son of Lysias, Smikythion son of Phalanthos, each of them with a gold crown of five hundred (15) drachmas for their excellence and their justice towards the demesmen, and to announce (this) at the Amarysia in the competition (agōni); and the demarch Pol- shall inscribe this decree on a stone (20) stele and stand it in [the sanctuary or the theatre?]. In crown Smikythion son of Phalanthos In crown Lykophron son of Lykiskos In crown (25)Chairephanes son of Chariades Three further crowns not preserved