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Two decrees of Kyd[athenaion]

Agora XVI 68 Date: ca. 350-315 BC (?)
... (traces) the collective (koinoi); and to inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the sanctuary of the H...

Decree of Aixone awarding honours connected with the festival of Hebe, 320/19 BC

IG II2 1199 Date: 320/19 BC
... also the priest of the Herakleidai, Kallias, and the priestess of Hebe and (25) Alkmene, and the archon Kallisthenes son of Nauson and to crown ...

Catalogue of ephebes, 191/2 AD (?)

IG II2 2119 Date: AD 189/90 – 191/2
... Herakleidai Serapion son of Asklepiades Herakleon son of Isarchos (255) Junius Semnos Helix son of Helix Atheni...

Sacrificial calendar of Erchia

AIO 593 Date: Ca. 375-350 BC
... for the Herakleidai, a sheep, at Erchia, 12 dr., no taking away (ou phora); (45) - Thargelion on the fourth, for Apollo...

Sacrificial calendar of Thorikos

AIO 847 Date: Ca. 440-400 BC (?)
... Elaphebolion: for the Herakleidai, a full-grown victim, for Alkmene, a full-grown victim; for the Anakes, a full-grown victim; for Helen, a full-grown vic...

Ephebic dedication commemorating victory "at Eleusis", 158/9 AD

AIUK 11 (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) no. 7 Date: 158/9 AD
... of ephebes, called “Theseidai” and “Herakleidai” – perhaps the relief decoration indicates that the latter team was victorious (on the Contest of Prowess, see AIO Papers 12, sect. 3.5.i...
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The sacrificial calendar of the Marathonian Tetrapolis

SEG 50.168 Date: Ca. 375-350 BC?
... of Eurystheus’ expedition against the Herakleidai at Marathon (cf. Lambert, Individual and Collective, n. 6). Hyttenios (A2, 30) was, in one version, the founding hero of the Tetrapolis, e...
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Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (earlier phase)

AIO 1185 Date: 410-404 BC
... Parker, 472-3). Ἡρακ[λείδα]|ι̣ς, “for the Herakleidai”, is less attractive as one would expect in that case a victim and a price (unless these were squeezed in to the end of this line). [5] ...
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Honours for Neoptolemos of Melite

IG II3 4 1057 Date: ca. 330 BC
... altar at the junction of Herakleidai and Neleus Streets (in the ancient deme of Melite), built into a late wall across the front of the porch of a small temple. This temple wi...
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