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Deme decree relating to cult at Paiania

CGRN 25 Date: 450-430 BC
...perquisites, 3 (drachmas), 3 obols. For the Antheia, a select sow, (30) pregnant, a piglet, male; priestly perquisites, a quart...

Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (later phase)

AIO 1189 Date: 403/2-400/399 BC
...perquisites (apometra) from the stelai ... a piglet for Hestia a sheep for Athena a sheep for the Graces - for Hermes ...

Sacrifices and perquisites

AIO 505 Date: Ca. 423/2-404/3 BC
...perquisites (apometra), 10 dr. ... let the priestess of -a take ... 1 dr. for each offering () ... but if a bovine is...

Sacrificial calendar of Erchia

AIO 593 Date: Ca. 375-350 BC
...perquisites (gera) just like the demarch, 10 dr.; - on the sixteenth, (60) for Zeus Epakrios, on Hymettos, a lam...

Sacrificial calendar from Eleusis

I Eleusis 175 Date: ca. 330 BC
...perquisites (apometra) for the priestess; for the priestess of Plouton (25) to the hearths (hestiasas}) () in honour of the two ...

Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (earlier phase)

AIO 1185 Date: 410-404 BC
...perquisites (apometra) for the priestess for the piglets for the wood for the sacrificial victims () (hieron) ...

Decree of the genos Salaminioi concerning the resolution of a dispute

RO 37 Date: 363/2 BC
...perquisites prescribed here. To the priest of Heracles, as priestly dues (hiereosuna), 30 drachmas; for pelanos (30) 3 drachmas; each part...

Provisions for priests and priestesses (in Aixone?)

CGRN 57 Date: 400-350 BC
...perquisites, monetary and in kind, commonly forms part of sacrificial calendars and other religious measures (e.g. RO 37, ll. 27-41, search "priestly ...
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Decrees of Athenian Assembly and deme Eleusis honouring Pamphilos of Eleusis, the demarch

I Eleusis 229 Date: 165/4 or 150/49 BC ?
...perquisites for the priestess" in the context of the Thesmophoria at l. 23 of the same calendar, and "for the priestess of Plouton" at l. 24 (note als...
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The sacrificial calendar of the Marathonian Tetrapolis

SEG 50.168 Date: Ca. 375-350 BC?
...perquisites (though they might have been provided for separately). A col. 1 is very poorly preserved and its interpretation is inevitably somewhat ...
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