Agora XVI 332A - Honours for a sacred remembrancer (hieromnemon)

Agora XVI 332B - Decree

Agora XVI 332C - Honours for the officials in charge of revenues

Agora XVI 332D - Honours for Antiochos (later Antiochos IV?)

Agora XVI 332E - Honorific decree

Agora XVI 333 - Assembly decree accepting the revision of laws by the Council of the Areopagos

Agora XVI 335 - Assembly decree regarding a dispute on Lemnos

Agora XVI 336 - Council decree on divine honours for Augustus

Agora XVI 337 - Agreement regarding Salamis

Agora XVI 338 - Decree of Council (and People?), 115/6 or 116/7 AD

Agora XVI 339 - Decree of the Areopagos, 195/6 AD

Agora XVI 340 - Divine honours for the Severans

Agora XVI 341 - Divine honours for Julia Domna

Agora XVI 342 - Honours for an uncertain individual