Honours for the prytany treasurer of Erechtheis, 24/3 or 21/0 BC

Agora XV 281 Date: 24/3 or 21/20 BC
Fragment a
Since, having made an approach (to the Council), [the prytaneis] of Erechtheis and those [with perpetual dining rights (aeisitoi) in the] archonship of [Apolex]is (24/3 or 21/0), having [praised and crowned him], declare to the [Council that the treasurer, whom they] (5)chose from among themselves, Sokr[ates son of Sokrates of Kephisia,[1] has] made [all the proper] sacrifices [from] his own resources, on behalf of the [Council and the People and children] and women and [friends and allies, and that he] has also taken care in [the prytany of the other things] (10)which were proper well [and with love of honour (philotimōs), and for] this they call on [the Council to allow them] to make [the dedication of a painted image] of him on a gilt shield [in the place they choose], for good fortune, the [Council] shall decide [to praise Sokrates] (15)son of Sokrates of Kephisia [and to crown him] with a foliage crown, with which [it is traditional to crown] good men, and also [to allow] the prytaneis [and those with perpetual dining rights] to make [the dedication] of the image [in] the place (20)[they choose], bearing [this inscription: "The prytaneis of] Erechtheis and [those with perpetual dining rights] [in the archonship of Apolexis . . . ]
Fragment b
col. 1
. . . from [Kedoi]: (25)[Th?]ola[os - ] . . . [Mo?]iripp[os - ] uninscribed space The prytaneis (crown) [the treasurer] of the tribe, in crown (30)Sokrates [(son of Sokrates)] of Kephisia