Decree or dedication base honouring an official of the Council (prytany treasurer?)

Agora XV 53 Date: 324/3 BC
Face A (left)
In crown [The Council?] (crowns) [the treasurer?] - son of -ates of - (5)[for his excellence?] and [jus]- [tice?] Crown Text missing
Face B (front)
col. 1 Text missing -nias son of Theopompos [Arch]on (?) (10)[Heges]ias son of Kephisodoros Uninscribed? Secretary to the People (grammateus tōi dēmōi) Charippos son of Philon of Rhamnous Recorder (anagrapheus) -ides son of Kichonides (15)of Paiania (?) Uninscribed col. 2 Prytany secretary (kata prutaneian) Euphanes son of Phrynon of Rhamnous In charge of the laws (epi tous nomous) (20)Eirenokles son of - of Athmonon Uninscribed Crown Text missing[1]