Honorific decree and catalogue of the prytany of Leontis

IG II3 1 417 Date: Ca. 340-325 BC
col. 1
[1] . . . . . . [they praise the treasurer?], P- son of -na- of -idai . . . declaring that he is a good man . . . of everything which (5) [the tribesmen?] . . . well . . . [advising] in other respects . . . saying and doing . . . to the People . . . the Council shall resolve: (10) that [the presiding committee (proedrous)] allotted to preside in the People at the next Assembly shall put these matters on the agenda and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good (15) to the Council, to praise P- son of -na- of -idai for his excellence and justice towards the Council . . . golden . . . and crown him (20) with a gold crown of [500 or 1,000] drachmas, when he has rendered his accounts, and he has been deemed to have performed his office justly; and the secretary of the prytany (grammatea tōn prutaneōn) shall inscribe this decree on a stone [stele] and (25) stand it in front of the Council chamber; and for inscribing the stele the treasurer of the People shall give 30 drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees, so that others may also [show love of honour (philotimōntai)], in speaking (30) and acting excellently, knowing that that they will obtain due thanks from the Council and the People.
col. 2
[Skambonidai?]: - son of [D?]aito[n?]ides Lykophron son of Lykophron Pantenor son of Euenor (35) Lower Potamos: Epiteles son of Epimedes Kropidai: Nausistratos son of Dipolis Oion: (40) Klearchos son of Damasias Eupyridai: Epainetos son of Smikythos Nikodemos son of Nikeratos Potamos Deiradiotes: (45) Theoxenos son of Theogenes Nikostratos son of Stratonikos Aithalidai: Therikles son of Therimachos Hagnon son of Hagnias (50) Hybadai: Hypsimos son of Diognetos Moschos son of Kephisodoros Phrearrhioi: Kallistratos son of Eukles
col. 3
(55) Xen- son of - Mnesistratos son of - Simon son of - Diopeithes son of - Aristo- son of - (60) Mneson(-?) son of - Antiphanes son of - Xenokleides son of - Upper Potamos: Laches son of Ch[arinos?] (65) Hephaistodoros son of - Sounion: Autokles son of - Ktesarchos son of - Charias son of Pos- (70) Epichares son of Pataikos Hekale: Telokles son of Kle- Kettos: Chairestratos son of - (75) Sophilos son of S- Ameinoph- son of - Pelekes: Diod- son of -
col. 4
. . .