Decree of Ikarion honouring demarch

AIO 2550 Date: ca. 350-325 BC
[The Ikarians shall decide.? - proposed: since -aios son of -]igenes of Ikarion[1] made the sacrifices to all the gods [and heroes?] . . . and managed . . . well and with love of honour (philotimōs), and announced that they were fine [and salutary? . . . by the?] revel (kōmōi) of the Ikarians?[2] the crops turned out well throughout the countryside . . . and since he has presented the account (logon) on the tenth of Hekatombaion (5) . . . declares the surplus funds, having accounted for (logisamenos) the income (prosodous) and the expenditure (analōmata) . . . [so that he was deemed] to have performed his office [well] and justly, and handed over the surplus money? to Thoukydides the demarch after him[3] . . . to praise -aios and crown him with a gold crown of 1000 drachmas for his excellence and justice towards the demesmen;[4] and to inscribe this decree in the Dionysion;[5] and to announce the crown at the Dionysia in the tragedies.