Dedication by [arbitrators], 330/29 BC

IG II3 4 33 Date: 330/29 BC
Across the top of both plaques [The arbitrators] of the archonship of Aristophon (330/29) [dedicated (this), having been adjudged by the People to have arbitrated well and justly?][1]
Plaque A (LEFT)
col. 1
Erechtheis [Theox]enos of Euonymon (5) Charinos of Kephisia Charikleides of - Unknown number of lines missing (9-21) 12 lines traces
col. 2
Aigeis Aristomedes of Kollytos (25) Hypereides of Kollytos[2] Charidemos of Halai Unknown number of lines missing Nikeratos (30) of Philaidai Chairippos of Halai Thoukydides of Ikarion (35) Alkimachos of Myrrhinoutta Nikeratos of Kydantidai[3] Amphiktyon (40) of Diomeia Pythodelos of Kollytos
col. 3
Pandionis Charidemos (45) of Paiania Sosigenes Unknown number of lines missing Lysand- of P[rasiai] or P[aiania] Cha- (50) of Paiania Archias of Paiania Phokides of Steiria (55) Ktesiphon of Paiania[4] Telesias of Probalinthos Menites (60) of Kydathenaion
col. 4
Leontis Nikias son of Ni[k-] of Phrearrhioi Unknown number of lines missing (65) Theokrines of Hybadai[5] -ilochos of Skambonidai Epikrates (70) of Aithalidai Dieuches of Phrearrhioi Glauketes of Oion[6] (75) Chairephanes of Deiradiotai
col. 5
[Akamantis] Unknown number of lines missing of Sphettos Demonikos (80) of Hagnous Xenokles of Cholargos Phokos of Iphistiadai (85) Prokleides of Kerameis Philon of Prospalta Kephisophon (90) of Cholargos Mnesitheos of Sphettos
Plaque B (RIGHT)
col. 6
[Oineis] missing
col. 7
[Kekropis] Unknown number of lines missing of Melite Lykourgos of Melite Kephisodoros (100) of Phlya Agathokles of Xypete Kephisodoros of - . . .
col. 8
(105) [Hippothontis] Unknown number of lines missing of Oion Arist- of Azenia Moirokles (110) of Eleusis[7] Metagenes of Koile Nikodemos of Elaious . . .
col. 9
[Aiantis] missing
col. 10
[Antiochis] missing