Choregic dedication (Acharnai)

IG II3 4 500 Date: Before mid-4th cent. BC (?)
A Front Left[1] Mnesistratos son of Misgon (and) Diopeithes son of Diodoros were sponsors (echorēgon), Dikaiogenes was director (edidasken).[2]
A Front Right Mnesimachos son of Mnesistratos (and) Theotimos son of Diotimos were sponsors (echorēgon), Ariphron was director (edidasken), Polychares son of Komon was director (edidasken).[3]
B Right Side Theotimos son of Diotimos, Mnesi- . . . [were sponsors (echorēgon)], Thersandros [was director (edidasken)].[4]