List of Pythaist-boys participating in the second Hellenistic Pythais at Delphi, 128/7 BC

F.Delphes III 2 12 + Add. p. 287 Date: 128/7 BC
For Good Fortune.[1] In the archonship of Pyrrhos at Delphi, and in Athens of Dionysios after Lykiskos (128/7), the following were dispatched by the People of the Athenians as Pythaist-[boys] (puthaiistai paides)[2]
col. 1
Pamphilos son of Artemon (5)Apollodoros and Leotichos sons of Sosibios Nikanor son of Nikanor Timotheos son of Timotheos Charimedes son of Phanteas (10)Pistokrates son of Satyros Dorotheos son of Dorotheos Kratermos son of Athenades [Sara]pion son of Demetrios -enes son of Anaxikrates (15)[Timokl]es son of Hipparchos - son of Aga-
col. 2
Medeios son of Medeios[3] (5)Dionysios and Niketes sons of Athenobios[4] Hermogenes son of Kallistratos Attinas son of Herakleides Timostratos son of Ariston (10)Hermokles son of Kleidamos Nikolaos son of Aischron Lykophron son of Menekrates Antigonos son of Alexandros Sositheos son of Sosipatros (15)Androkles son of Philistion Alexandros son of Ne-
col. 3
Polykleitos son of Alexandros (5)Agenor son of Apollonios Pasion son of Hermaiskos [Dionysi]os son of Theobios Marsyas son of Zenon Ariarathes son of Attalos (10)Asklepiades son of Xenon Chairimenes son of Xenon Sosigenes son of Sosigenes Xenodikos son of Lysimachos Charikles son of Theogenes (15)Nikarchos son of - - son of -nios
col. 4
Straton son of Rhinon (5)Boulon son of Leostratos Kallippos son of Demetrios Marsyas son of Theron Heliodoros son of Heliodoros Androkles son of Lykiskos (10)Sostratos son of Klearchos Nikophon and Philodromos sons of Philodromos, sons of Ismenios[5] ⟦Polykleitos son of Alexandros⟧.[6]