List of ephebes participating in the second Hellenistic Pythais at Delphi, 128/7 BC

F.Delphes III 2 24 + Add. pp. 289–290 Date: 128/7 BC
God. Good Fortune.[1] Those who were ephebes (ephēbeusantes) in the archonship of Dionysios after Lykiskos in Athens (128/7), when the priest of Apollo was Eumelos son of Noumenios of Athens,[2] when the hoplite general was Theophrastos son of Herakleitos of Acharnai, and in charge of the fleet was Hipparchos son of Timokles (5)of Piraeus, and in charge of the cavalry was Diokles son of Diokles of Athens, and the tribal cavalry commanders (phularchountōn) were Hermon son of Dionysios, but by birth son of Antiphon of Athens,[3] Hagias son of Boulon of Athens, Charikles son of Theodoros of Athens, Xenokles son of Demetrios of Athens, and (the general) in charge of Piraeus was Pyrrhinos son of Athenagoras of Kydantidai, (the general) in charge of Eleusis was Epiphanes son of Hippakos of Lamptrai,[4] the interpreter chosen by the Pythian oracle (exēgētou puthochrēstou) was Ophelas son of Habron of Bate,[5] and the superintendent (kosmētou) was Apollonios (10) son of Apollonios of Sounion, (the ephebes) having led the Pythais with their teachers,[6] the trainer (paidotribou) Nikon son of Alexis of Berytos, the weapons trainer (hoplomachou) Sodates son of Soteles of Soloi, the javelin trainer (akontistou) Nikandros son of Demetrios of Euonymon, the archery trainer (toxotou) Pystilos son of Nikis of Oe, the secretary Tharrhinos son of Tharrhikos of Lamptrai, the attendant (hupēretou) Hieron son of Herakleides of Anagyrous, the deputy weapons trainer (hupooplomarchou) Artemidoros son of Neon (15)of Tarsos, (the ephebes made) a thank-offering (charistērion) to Apollo. The Tarantine cavalry commanders (tarantinarchountōn) were Diogenes son of Aropos (and) Lyson son of Demokrates,[7] (ephebes) of the Athenians:
col. 1
Tharsytas son of Menedemos Chares son of Chares[8] (20)Kephisodoros son of Demetrios[9] Pythilas son of Apollonios Philon son of Philon Aristonikos son of Lysimachos Hestiaios son of Philokrates (25)Demetrios son of Zenon Diophantos son of Demetrios Miltiades son of Miltiades Dioskourides son of Dionysios Diodotos son of Herakleides (30)Dioskourides son of Aristokles Kleomenes son of Theodoros Telesias son of Timomachos Asklepiodotos son of Iason uninscribed space . . . [10] (35)-os son of Diognetos Okymenes son of Okymenes Pyrrhos son of Demokleides Plistias son of Dionysios Diogenes son of Diogenes (40)Neon son of Philokrates Apollodoros son of Apollodoros Attalos son of Adrastos Dionysios son of Dionysios Aristoboulos son of Aristoboulos (45)Sosandros son of Nikostratos Olympos son of Metrodoros Spartokos son of Spartokos[11] Menodoros son of Herakleides
col. 2
Agathokles son of - Demetrios son of De- (20)Nikias son of Euphemides Diodotos son of Philostratos Aristodamas son of Ariston Dinokles son of Philostratos Dionysios son of Diogenes (25)Lysimachos son of Philoxenos Philemon son of Lenaios Antimachos son of Nikias Dexitheos son of Dexitheos Athenobios son of Athenodoros (30)Athenagoras son of Pyrrhinos Mousaios son of Euegoros Menodoros son of Diogenes Apollodotos son of Sthenios uninscribed space - son of Dionysios (35)- son of -mos Nikanor son of Demeas Timokrates son of Alexandros Chairokles son of Chairokles Timokles son of Demokleides (40)Charmides son of Paramonos Polyainetos son of Amyklas Onesiphilos son of Philon Diodoros son of Diodoros Phontides son of Hipparchos (45)Sosippos son of Nikanor Theodoros son of Theodoros Epikrates son of Aphrodisios Demagoras son of Euthydoros
col. 3
Teisis son of Phi- Zenodotos son of [Theod-] (20)Achaios son of Apollodoros Sophilos son of Sophilos Aristion son of Eudoxos Damonax son of Askondas Apollonios son of Dionysios. (25)When at Delphi the gymnasiarch (gymnasiarchountos) was Kleomantis son of Herys and the ephebes were:[12] Diodoros son of Mnasitheos Nikias son of Aristion (30)Xenokrates son of Agesilaos Xenon son of Peisitheos Phainios son of Gorgilos Philinos son of Philleas uninscribed space traces of six lines