Decree of the Tarantine cavalry squadron honouring cavalry commanders

SEG 46.167 Date: 282/1 BC
Gods. Kallistratos son of Termonios of Achaia proposed: since the cavalry commanders (hipparchoi) and the tribal commanders of cavalry (phularchoi) in the archonship of Nikias (282/1) (5) have continued to fulfil their office according to the laws and have managed the grain so that the cavalry and Tarantines are supplied with full rations; and (10) have continued in all other respects to show love of honour (philotimoumenoi) both collectively and individually concerning the cavalry and the Tarantines, for good fortune,[1] the Tarantines shall decide to (15) praise the cavalry commanders and the tribal commanders of cavalry, Nikogenes son of Arkesas of Euonymon, Alkimachos son of Kleoboulos of Myrrhinous, Dionysios son of Pythokritos of GargettosI, (20) Menon son of Hippolochides of HippotomadaiII, Kallidemos son of Kallimachos of EuonymonIII, Kalliades son of Aristophon of SteiriaV, Lysippos son of Lysippos of KettosVI, Charias son of Charias of KephaleVII, (25) Antimachos son of Kleagoras of AcharnaiVIII, Proxenos son of Prokles of PhlyaIX, Thrasykles son of Thrasyllos of DekeleiaX, Aristophon son of Aristoteles of OinoeXI, Python son of Pytharchos of AlopekeXII, (30) and to crown each of them with a gold crown according to the law for their justice and love of honour (philotimias) for both the cavalry and the squadron (tagma) of Tarantines; and so that (35) the other cavalry commanders and tribal commanders who are appointed show love of honour (philotim┼Źntai) concerning the cavalry and the Tarantines, knowing that they will receive thanks worthy of their benefactions, (40) the secretaries of the cavalry commanders shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it at (eis) the stoa of the Herms.[2]