List of sacred delegates (theoroi) participating in the second Hellenistic Pythais at Delphi, 128/7 BC

F.Delphes III 2 8 Date: 128/7 BC
col. 1
For Good Fortune, in the archonship of Pyrrhos at Delphi, and of Dionysios after Lykiskos in Athens (128/7), the following were dispatched as sacred delegates (theōroi) by the People of the Athenians to help conduct (5)the Pythais.[1] uninscribed space Demainetos son of Demeas Eudemos son of Sarapion, by birth son of Gorgippos[2] -anos son of Gorgippos Chares son of Chares, the younger[3] (10)Ptolemaios son of Euboulos Euboulos son of Euboulos, Dionysios son of Euboulos Rhadamanthys son of Attinas Sostratos son of Alexandros Xenon son of Philanthes (15)Lysias son of Pyrrhos. uninscribed space
col. 2
(2)Sacred delegates from the Tetrapolis:[4] Metrodoros son of Kallistratos Damokritos son of Damokritos (5)Heniochides son of Euphiletos from Pyrrhakidai:[5] Timanax son of Eukles of Phlya.