Dedication by the prytany of Antiochis, 334/3 BC ?

IG II3 4 81 Date: 334/3 BC (?)
col. 1
from Anaphlystos[1] Hierokles son of Hieron Eratostratos son of Nausikydes Kyknos son of Philochoros (5) Demetrios son of Pythippos Apollodoros son of Olympichos Epikrates son of Alexiades Theagenes son of Akesandros Philaigides son of Leokedes (10) Pausanias son of Thrasyllos Demetrios son of Kallippos from Amphitrope Diokles son of Philarchides Aischylos son of Aischylos (15) from Besa Kephisostratos son of Archias Aristeus son of Theogenes from Atene Aristodamas son of Kallias (20) Gnathios son of Euphiletos Euphiletos son of Gnathios
In crown Kyknos (70) son of Philochoros of Anaphlystos (crowned by) the Council (and) the tribesmen
col. 2
from Aigilia Kratinos son of Kratylos Kratios son of Kratylos (25) Aristodemos son of Epikrates Phainippos son of Sostratos Euxippos son of Thersippos Archedemos son of Pheidiades from Thorai (30) Kleandrides son of Kleandros Charikles son of Athenodoros Philokles son of Bison Charikles from Pallene (35) Archebios son of Archenautes Hegesileos son of Deisitheos Chairestratos son of Gniphon Kleopeithes son of Theopompos Timotheos son of Smikrias (40) Kephisios son of Kephisodemos Theodotos Secretary of the Council and the People:[2] Pronapes son of Proxenos (45) of Prospalta
col. 3
from Alopeke Philoxenos son of Xenophon Diogenes son of Diogeiton Autophontides son of Deinias (50) Chairestratos son of Euxitheos Antimachos son of - Antiphon son of Solon Theodoros son of Antiphanes Nikon son of Archinos (55) Aphthonetos son of Phanes Kleon son of Diagoras name erased and inserted in l. 48 from Krioa Theophilos son of Chaireas (60) from Kolonai Epicharinos son of Euthykrates Eukritos son of Eukritos from Eitea Hieros son of Melanopos[3] (65) from Eroiadai Anthippos son of Antichar- from Semachidai Komaios son of Komon
In crown Eratostratos (75) son of Nausikydes of Anaphlystos (crowned by) the Council (and) the tribesmen.