Dedication by the prytany of Pandionis

IG II3 4 26 Date: ca. 330 BC
[The prytany] of PandionisIII [dedicated (this)[1] having been crowned by the Council and People in the archonship of - for] its excellence [and justice]
col. 1
[from Paiania] names not preserved (5) Anth- son of –os -os son of Demeas Diphilides son of Diphilides Nikias son of Diophanes Thoukles son of Theogenes (10) Chairestratos son of Chairestratos Ekphantos son of Hagnotheos Hermogenes son of Epizelos Philochares son of Philokydes Chares son of Charitaios (15) Autokrates son of Aischines from Oa Antiphanes son of Aristophanes Eupolemos son of Makareus Euthoinos son of Philarchides (20) Klearistos son of Philarchides from Konthyle Demophilos son of Demonikos
col. 2
[from Myrrhinous] names not preserved Euxenos son of Eu- (25) Polykles son of Thrasymachos Charinos son of Charias Lysimachos son of Lysimenes Aischylides son of Aristarchos from Angele (30) Euphranor son of Euphraios Prokleides son of Menekrates P-s son of - from Kytherros Mnesigenes son of Kalliteles (35) Diodotos son of Diogenes from Prasiai Eudemos Eusthenes son of Elpon Habronichos son of Aristokles (40) from Steiria Hephaistodoros son of Arizelos Theodotos son of Pausanias Melesias son of Aristoteles
col. 3
[from Kydathenaion] names not preserved (45) traces of a name Iophon son of Lysis Antiphon son of Pytheas Teisamenos son of Pythionikos Sophilos son of Stephanos (50) Isodemos son of Isodemos Aristokles son of Hierokles Archias son of Aresias Androkydes son of Philagros Diokles son of Dion (55) from Probalinthos Stephanos son of Demylos Kallikles son of Phrynon Endemos son of Eudemides Tolmaios son of Euthyneides (60) Theogenes son of Halios
Doros son of Smikythos of Melite was secretary of the Council and the People[2]
Left side The People
Right side The Council