Honours for Eudemos of Plataia

IG II3 1 352 Date: 330/29 BC
Of Eudemos of Plataia.[1] In the archonship of Aristophon (330/29), in the ninth prytany, of LeontisIV, for which Antidoros son of Antinous (5) of Paiania was secretary. On the eleventh of Thargelion, the nineteenth of the prytany. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Antiphanes of Euonymon was putting to the vote. The People (10) decided. Lykourgos son of Lykophron of Boutadai proposed: since Eudemos both announced previously to the People that he would donate for the war,[2] should it be needed, [4,00]0 (15) drachmas, and now has donated for construction (poiēsin) of the Panathenaic stadium and the seating (theatrou)[3] a thousand yoke of oxen[4] and has sent all of this before the Panathenaia,[5] (20) as he promised, the People shall decide: to praise Eudemos son of Philourgos of Plataia and crown him with a foliage crown for his good will towards the (25) Athenian People; and he shall be among the benefactors of the Athenian People, himself and his descendants, and he shall have right of ownership (enktēsin) of land and a house, and (30) he shall perform military service and pay capital taxes (eisphoras) with the Athenians; and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree and (35) stand it on the acropolis; and for inscribing the stele the treasurer of the People shall give 20 or 30 drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on (40) decrees.