Choregic dedication of Oineis for the City Dionysia, honouring Philopappos

IG II3 4 559 Date: 85/6-93/4 AD
The tribe Oineis, on account of those who competed ⟦well⟧ in the Dionysiac chorus,[1] (honours) the archon and competition-director (agōnothetēn) of the Dionysia, Gaius Julius Antiochos Epiphanes Philopappos (5) of Besa, on account of his benefaction (euergesias) to them.[2] Moiragenes was director (edidaske), Boulon was sponsor (echorēgei), both sons of Moiragenes of Phyle.[3]
col. 1
The chairman (epestatei) was: Menandros (son of Menandros) (10) of Phyle.[4] The chorus members were (echoreuon):[5] Uninscribed space The pipe-player was: Philetos son of Meniskos of Kolonos.[6]
col. 2
Apollonios of Oe, (15) Ampheotides of Lakiadai, Archikles of Lakiadai, Eunous of Acharnai, Eraton (son of Eraton) of Phyle, Metrodoros son of Primos, (20) Phidias son of Aphrodisios,
col. 3
Terpnos son of Gnaios, Eision son of Boulon,[3] Philokrates son of Sokrates, Asklepiades son of Pankrates, (25)Aphrodisios son of Epigenes, Patrobios son of Alexandros, Mousaios son of Boulon,[3]
col. 4
Euphrosynos son of Menophanes. Acharnians: (30) Demetrios son of Menneas, Hermias son of Apollonios, Iakinthos son of Zoilos, Mousikos son of Kleon, Menippos (son of Menippos), Apolloni(o)s (son of Apolloni(o)s), (35) Stephanos son of Euporos,
col. 5
Pamphilos son of Karpodoros, Phaustos son of Glaukias, From Oe: Apollonios son of Epiktetos, Epiktetos son of Apollonios. (40) Thriasians: Epichares son of Xen- The singing master was (emelopoiei) Mousikos.