Dedication by the competition-director, [Androkles?] of Sphettos, 307/6 BC

IG II3 4 518 Date: 307/6 BC
The People were the sponsor (echorēgei) in the archonship of Anaxikrates (307/6 BC)[1] Competition-director (agōnothetēs) [Androkles?] son of Xeinis of Sphettos[2] Victorious poet for tragedies Phanostratos son of Herakleides of Halikarnassos[3] Victorious actor for tragedies Hieromnemon son of Euanorides of Kydathenaion[4] (5) Victorious poet for comedies Philemon son of Damon of Diomeia[5] Victorious actor for comedies Kallippos son of Kallias of Sounion.