Council decree on repairs to Rhamnous fortress

I Rhamnous 423 Date: 74/3 - ca. 63 BC
In the archonship of Asklepides,[1] -teenth day of Mounichion. Since, having made an approach to the Council, the general in charge of Rhamnous, Euthy[krates] son of Euthykrates (5)of Myrrhinous demonstrates that due to the . . . which happened at the hands of the pirates in the fortress . . . was destroyed and some things are also required . . . as far as possible of the equipment both for . . . safety (asphaleian) and the common . . . in it . . . (10)he calls on the Council to allow him to . . . having met the cost from his private resources . . . the inhabitants (enoikountes) of the proper . . . For good fortune, the Council shall decide [to allow] the general to make the repairs . . . (15)in the fortress and to undertake the management (epimeleian) of them, providing the cost for these things from his private resources, so that, when these things have been accomplished, it shall be clear that the Council and this . . . fortress . . . and of utility. Antiochos son of Theophilos [was secretary].