Decree to protest to Aitolian League, 367/6 BC

Agora XVI 48 Date: 367/6 BC
Gods. Demophilos son of Theoros of Kephale was secretary. The Council and the People decided. OineisVI (5) was in prytany. Demophilos son of Theoros of Kephale was secretary. Philippos of Semachidai was chairman. Polyzelos (367/6) was archon. Kephisodotos proposed: since, when the community (koinou) of the Aitolians[1] accepted the truce for the Mysteries of (10) Eleusinian Demeter and Kore, those of the Eumolpidai and Kerykes who were announcing the truce, Protomachos and Epigenes, were imprisoned by the Trichonians contrary to the common laws of the Greeks,[2] the Council shall choose (15) forthwith a herald (k─ôruka) from all Athenians, who shall visit the community (koinon) of the Aitolians and demand the release of the men and . . . judge so that . . . and (20) the Aitol- . . . . . . . . . Eumolpidai and Kerykes . . . . . . (25) . . . . . . for travelling expenses the treasurer (tamian) of the People [30 drachmas] from the People's fund for expenditure on decrees.[3]