Grave stele of the nurse Melitta

AIUK 4.6 (BM, Funerary Monuments) no. 37 Date: ca. 330-320 BC
⟦Melitta⟧ daughter of Apollodoros, isoteles.
(relief) Melitta.
(5) Here the earth covers over the worthy (chrēstēn) nurse of Hippostrate; and now she longs for you. As long as you were alive I loved you, nurse, and now I still honour you, though you are below the earth, and I will honour you as long as I live. I know that even below the earth, if there is in fact a reward for the worthy ones, the first and foremost honours, (10) nurse, are yours, next to Persephone and Pluto. (trans. Tsagalis, adapted)[1]