Decree honouring Sthorys of Thasos, 394/3 BC

AIO 1240 Date: 394/3 BC
Decree 1 The Council decided.[1] Aigeis was in prytany. Aristokrates was secretary (394/3). Ameipsias was chairman. - proposed: to praise Sthorys[2] [the seer? because he is keen] to do whatever good he can . . . (5) the city of the Athenians. . . . since his ancestors were [proxenoi and] benefactors of the city of the Athenians, and the Athenians made [him] a citizen, the secretary of the Council [shall inscribe] . . . (10) what the People have voted [about Sthorys on two stone stelai] on the acropolis and in the Pythion;[3] and to invite Sthorys also to dinner tomorrow in the city hall (prutaneion).
End of decree 1 or beginning of decree 2 Aristokrates son of Aischines of Kephale was secretary. Euboulides of Eleusis was archon (394/3). In the prytany (15) [of Aigeis]. At least 3 lines uninscribed
Decree 2 (20) . . . . . . proposed: . . . voted . . . and the . . . since previously (25) . . . for the Athenians [and] because he predicted (?) (pro[eipe?]) . . . what happened (?) ([ta genom]ena) concerning the sea battle [divining from?] the inaugural sacrifices (eisitētēriōn) . . . and in other respects is a good man concerning [the city] of the Athenians, and his ancestors (30) before him, and he shall be an Athenian; and he shall be enrolled in the tribe and deme that he wishes; and the generals there shall pay him his salary, the same as he received last year; and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree at the expense of Sthorys (35) on a stone stele where the previous decrees for him have been inscribed; and if anyone makes these things invalid, he shall owe a thousand drachmas, sacred to Athena and another thousand to Apollo Pythios;[3] and these things shall also apply to the descendants of Sthorys; and to invite him to dinner (40) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow.