Athens (Assembly or entrance to Areopagos): IG II3 1 320 Law against tyranny

Athens (Beside a temple of Demeter): IG II3 1 1189 Honours for a priestess of Demeter

[Athens] in a sanctuary [of Artemis?]: IG II3 1 1170 On relations with Magnesia on the Maeander

Athens (Odos Tripodon): IG II3 4 460 Choregic monument of Lysikrates, 335/4 BC

Athens (Sacred Gerousia): SEG 30.82 Honours for Marcus Ulpius Eubiotos and sons

Athens (Sanctuary of -): IG II3 1 369 Honours for religious officials

Athens (Sanctuary of Hero Doctor): IG II3 1 1154 On the dedications to the Hero Doctor

Athens (Temple of Apollo Pythios or Delphinios?): IG II3 4 1 Dedication to Apollo by Athens and her allies

Athens ([tribal sanctuary of Akamantis]): IG II3 4 52 Dedication by the prytany of Akamantis, 378/7 BC

[Athens (tribal sanctuary of Oineis)]: IG II3 4 56 Dedication by the prytany of Oineis, 360/59 BC

[Athens (tribal sanctuary of Oineus)]: IG II3 4 78 Dedication by the prytany of Oineis, 339/8 BC

West of theatre of Dionysos, south-east of the stoa of Eumenes: IG II3 4 467 Choregic monument of Nikias, 320/19 BC