Honours for Asandros of Macedon, 314/3 BC

AIUK 2 (BSA) no. 1 Date: 314/3 BC
Fragment a
In the archonship of Nikodoros (314/3), in the sixth prytany, of Kekropis; on the eleventh of Gamelion, the twenty-sixth (5) of the prytany. Assembly. Of the presiding committe Aristokrates son of Aristodemos of Oinoe was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. Thrasykles son of Nausikrates (10) of Thria proposed:[1] the People shall decide to praise Asandros son of Agathon of Macedon,[2] because he is a good man individually towards Athenians who come to (15) his own country, and collectively towards the Athenian People, and on visiting the city he provided his own ships (20) and soldiers to the Athenians to meet their needs[3] . . .
Uncertain number of lines missing[4]
Fragment b
. . . returned them to their own land at his own expense; (25) and to grant him also dining rights in the city hall and a seat of honour in all the city’s competitions, and for his eldest descendant; and (30) he shall be permitted to set up a bronze likeness of himself[5] on horseback[6] in the Agora wherever he wishes except beside Harmodios and Aristogeiton.[7]