Honours for the prytany treasurer of Oineis

SEG 28.94 Date: ca. 25-20 BC
[Since the prytaneis] of Oineis and those with perpetual dining rights (aeiseitoi) in the archonship of -[1] declare to the Council that the treasurer, whom [they chose] [from among themselves, Iophon] of Phyle, has made all the sacrifices [from his own resources and] has taken care of everything else with love of goodness (philagathōs), and (5)for this they call on the Council to allow them to crown him with a foliage crown, for good fortune, the Council shall decide to praise the treasurer of the prytaneis, [Iophon] of Phyle, and to crown him with a foliage [crown, with which it is traditional] to crown good (10)men, and the secretary of the prytany shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and dedicate it in the Council chamber.
col. 1
Phyle: Iophon [son of -] (15)Diodotos son of Dio- Sostratos son of Kallidemos Dorotheos son of Herodikos Apollonios son of Demetrios Publius Tutorius[2] (20)Telestes (son of Telestes) Sopyros son of Euhemeros Dionysios son of Zoilos Gaius Spintharos[2] Lakiadai: (25)Demetrios son of Kointos Gaius Valerius[2] Epigenes son of Archikles Lousoi: Sosos son of Eurystratos (30) Thria: Publius Andromachos(?) Athenaios son of Menodoros Agathokles son of Philoxenos Lucius Manius[2] (35)Patron (son of Patron) Panphilos son of Leontichos Epikephisia: Apollonios son of Herodikos Epiktetos son of Hermokrates (40)Perithoidai: Mousaios (son of Mousaios) Ammonios Demetrios [son of -]
col. 2
The prytaneis (crown) the hoplite (45)general, in crown Theophilos son of Diodoros of Halai.[3] The prytaneis (crown) [the herald] (50)of the Council [and the People] in crown . . . . . . . . . The prytaneis (crown) . . . (55) . . . in crown . . . . . . . . .
col. 3
[Acharnai]: (60)Diogenes [son of -] Nikostratos [son of -] Arist- . . . Miltiades [son of -] S-