Letter from Emperor Commodus

I Eleusis 513 Date: 183-190 AD
Fragment a
Emperor Caesar M(arcus) Aurelius[1] ⟦Commodus Antoninus⟧[2] Augustus Pius . . . uncertain number of lines missing
Fragment c
I . . . (5) the (ambassador?) the . . . your . . . uncertain number of lines missing
Fragment b
. . . and having taken part in the Mysteries (10) in order that through that I could rightly agree also to be a Eumolpid, and could also accept the title of archon,[3] as you thought appropriate, (15) in order that the secrets of the ceremony (teletēs) of the Mysteries may be rendered to the Goddesses in an even more splendid and solemn manner, if they receive some additional support, (20) also by aid of the archon of the genos of the Eumolpidai whom you have elected, and to avoid that I myself, having been enrolled beforehand among the Eumolpidai, (25) might seem now to refuse the service (ergon) that belongs with the honour (teimēs),[4] the fruits of which I enjoyed (ekarpōsamēn) ahead of this office. Be well.