Honours for Amphis of Andros

IG II3 1 347 Date: 332/1 BC
Fragments ab
Relief In the archonship of Niketes (332/1), in the eighth prytany, of AntiochisX, for which Aristonous son of Aristonous of Anagyrous (5) was secretary. On the nineteenth of Elaphebolion, the seventh of the prytany. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Nikostratos of Kopros[1] was putting to the vote. The People decided. Aristoxenos (10) son of Kephisodotos of - proposed: since Amphis son of Di- of Andros[2] continues to be [well disposed] towards the Athenian People, both now and in time (15) past, the People shall decide: to praise Amphis son of Di- of Andros and crown him with an ivy crown for his excellence and justice; (20) and he shall be proxenos and benefactor of the Athenian People, [himself and his descendants] . . .
Fragment c
. . . and for inscribing the stele (25) the treasurer of the People shall give 30 or 20 drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees.