Honours for a son of Onoma-

IG II3 1 344 Date: 332/1 BC
[In the archonship of Niketes (332/1), in the eighth] [prytany, of AntiochisX, for which] (1) Aristonous son of Aristonous of Anagyrous was secretary. On the nineteenth of Elaphebolion, the seventh of the prytany. Assembly in the theatre of Dionysos (en Dionusou).[1] Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) (5) Nikostratos of Kopros[2] was putting to the vote. The People decided. E- . . . . . . proposed: since . . . [the actor (hupokritēs) (?)][3] . . . . . . (10) . . . the . . . the People shall decide: to praise - son of On[o]ma- of - and crown him with a gold crown; and he shall be proxenos and benefactor of the (15) Athenian People, himself and his descendants; and to inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and for inscribing the stele the treasurer of the People shall give 20 or 30 (20) drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees.