Dedication by the prytany of Aigeis, ca. 340 BC

IG II3 4 75 Date: ca. 340 BC
col. 1
. . . from Philaidai[1] Antigenes son of Antidoros Dionysios son of Hephaistion Lysikles son of Thrasymenes (5) from Ionidai Chremes son of Philoitios Epigenes son of Androkles from Halai Nikeratos son of Nikokrates (10) Antikrates son of Phalanthos Eupolis son of Arrhileos Epikrates son of Nikomenes Sokrates son of Habron from Phegaia (15) -kestides son of Antiphanes Sotimides son of Aischines Aristion son of Philistides Polykrates son of Polyeuktos
col. 2
. . . from Ankyle (20) Deinostratos son of Deiniades Paisias son of Sokrates from Kydantidai Theomnestos son of Theomnestos from Kolonos (25) Anthos son of Nikeratos Demetrios son of Speusikrates from Bate Pytheas son of Pythippos Amynomachos son of Philokrates (30) from Araphen Myronides son of Kleon Mnesitheos son of Nikostatos secretary to the Council and the People[2] Blepyros son of Peithandros of Paionidai
col. 3
. . . (35) from Gargettos Megakles son of Euainetos Eunomos son of Euthynomos Demochares son of Charinos Menestratos son of Straton (40) from Kollytos Ameinias son of Leokedes Nausistratos son of Megakles Polyxenos son of Mikythos from Plotheia (45) Polykrates son of -nes.