Decree of [Melite?] honouring Satyra, priestess of the Thesmophoroi

AIO 2841 Date: ca. 160 BC
. . . son of -kles proposed: since the priestess of the Thesmophoroi . . . the demesmen, Satyra wife of Krateas of Melite [sacrificed] . . . well and piously all the appropriate [sacrifices which the laws prescribed] and repaired all the temples (5) . . . and repaired (?) everything in the [sanctuary] of Pl[outon, and has contributed an additional sum] from her own resources of more than a hundred drachmas [for the sacrifices which take place] annually, for good fortune, [the demesmen] shall decide, to praise the priestess of the Thesmophoroi, Satyra wife of Krateas of Melite, and crown her with a myrtle crown (10)[for her good will and piety towards] the goddesses and the People [of the Athenians] or deme [of the Meliteans?] and grant her permission to set up a painted portrait, just as . . . of Demeter and Kore . . . the demesmen on a stone stele . . . and allocate the expense of these things (15)[from the] . . . .[1]