Decree of Halimous honouring Charisandros

SEG 2.7 Date: ca. 330 BC
Gods.[1] Theophilos[4] proposed: since Charisandros[2] managed the sacrifices well (5)and with love of honour (philotimōs) on behalf of the demarch Ischyrias,[4] the demesmen having chosen him to manage whatever religious rites (hieropoiias) the demesmen (10)prescribed, the Halimousians shall resolve to praise Charisandros son of Charisiades[4] and crown him with a gold crown (15)of five hundred drachmas for his excellence and his justice towards the demesmen; and the demarch Kybernis[4] shall inscribe (20)the decree in the common records (koina grammateia) and on a stone stele and stand it in the Dionysion.[3]