Decree of deme Sounion providing for creation of a new agora, donated by Leukios

IG II2 1180 Date: Mid-4th cent. BC
Gods. Theodelos proposed: that the Sounians shall resolve, for good fortune, since Leukios (5) makes a donation for the creation of an agora for the demesmen, to choose immediately three men, who will mark the boundaries of the agora with (10) Leukios, not less than two plethra by one plethron, so that there may be a broad space (euruchōria) for the Sounians to gather in (agorazēn), and anyone (15) else that wishes, since the present agora is congested with buildings (sunoikodomētai); and it shall not be permitted for the demarch or anyone else (20) to build within the boundary markers; and the demarch together with Leukios shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand (25) it in the agora.[1]