Dedication to Aphrodite by demesmen of Halai Aixonides

IG II3 4 223 Date: Ca. 360-350 BC
Those who were appointed by the Halaians to make the statue (agalma) for Aphrodite having been crowned by the demesmen dedicated to Aphrodite.[1]
(5) Astyphilos son of Philagros[2] Nikomenes son of Hieron[3] Euthemon son of Eupolis[4] Chaireas son of Chairias Argeios son of Demochares (10) Aristomachos son of Astyanax[5] [Di]otheides son of Sokrates[6] Astydamas son of Astyanax Euphiletos son of Hagnotheos[7] Aischias son of Phileriphos[8] (15) Eukles son of Eukleides[9] [Di]odoros son of Hagnotheos[7] -ippos son of Aischines Eupolis son of Euthemon[10] Euktemon son of Euthemon[10] (20) Philippos son of Athenippos Hieron son of Nautes Menyllos son of Astyphilos Theodotos son of Theaitetos Philagros son of Diokles[11] (25) Theophilos son of Euthemon Menandros son of Hegesias Theoboulos son of Theodotos [Sok]rates son of D[i]otheides[6]
Praxias son of Lysimachos of Ankyle made this.[12]