AIO 1185 - Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (earlier phase)

AIO 1186 - Law fragment

AIO 1189 - Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (later phase)

AIO 1190 - Honours for Athenian members of the resistance to the Thirty, 401/0 BC

AIO 1191 - Honours for foreigners who had supported democracy against the Thirty, 401/0 BC


CGRN 57 - Provisions for priests and priestesses (in Aixone?)


IG I3 236a - Law about the trierarchy

IG I3 237 - Law about assessment for taxes or contributions


IG II2 1163 - Decree of tribe Hippothontis for the priest of Asklepios

IG II2 1199 - Honours for the religious officials of Hebe at Aixone

IG II2 1234 - Decree regulating cult

IG II2 3764 - Herm for Aelius Apollonios

IG II2 3960 - Herm for Glaukos

IG II2 5221 - Memorial of Athenian infantry killed in Corinthian War (394 BC)

IG II2 5222 - Memorial of Athenian cavalry killed in the Corinthian War (394 BC)

IG II2 6217 - Epitaph of Dexileos, cavalryman killed in Corinthian war (394 BC)

IG II2 9160 - Epitaphs of Andrikos and Telete

IG II3 4

IG II3 4 498 - Choregic dedication (from Aixone?)

IG II3 4 1768 - Donation of a house and garden to Asklepios in accordance with an oracle


SEG 46.154 - Decree of Aixone awarding honours for management of a festival

SEG 52.104 - Law concerning repairs to buildings in the sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron

Maier, Mauerbauinschriften,

Maier, Mauerbauinschriften, no. 1 - Restoration of the Piraeus walls

Maier, Mauerbauinschriften, no. 2 - Restoration of the Piraeus walls