Dedication of the Panathenaic ship to Athena and the Severan House, 207/8 AD

IG II3 4 1397 Date: 207/8 AD
uninscribed space To Athena [and the][1] greatest [and most divine] Emperors Lucius Septimius (5)Severus Pertinax Augustus and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus ⟦[and Publius S]epti[mius]⟧ ⟦[Geta Cae]s[ar]⟧ and Ju[lia] (10)Domna Augusta,[2] the competition-director (agōnothetēs) of the Great Panathenaia and priest of Zeus and Bouzyges . . . [3] lacuna (15)(and priest?) of the two goddesses, Publius Aelius Kepheisodoros of Anakaia (dedicated this), in the [2]3rd Panathenaic year(208/9) . . . [4]