Divine honours for Geta, 209/10 AD

Agora XV 460 Date: 209/10 AD
[In the archonship] of Flavius Diogenes of Marathon (209/10), prytany of PandionisIII, [4th] prytany, for which Rhodon son of Kallistos of Marathon was secretary.[1] Priest Theophilos was chairman. Of the presiding committee, Ioulianos son of Kasios was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. 23rd day of the (5) prytany, month of Poseideon 15th day. A Council was gathered on the good news (euaggeliois) of ⟦Emperor Caesar Publius⟧ ⟦Septimius Geta Pius Augustus⟧ having been appointed, at which the [proposal (gnōmē)] of the boards (sunedriōn) was read out through the officials, the general Alkamenes of Lamptrai having read out the proposal which is inscribed here: (10)The Council of the Areopagos and the Council of the 500 and the People of the Athenians, with the officials – the eponymous archon Flavius Diogenes of Marathon, and the hoplite general and manager of the gymnasiarchy of the God Hadrian and deputy archon of the most sacred Attic Panhellenion Marcus Aurelius Alkamenes of Lamptrai, and the (15)herald of the Council of the Areopagos and competition director of the games of the Augustan [House?] Tryphon son of Theophilos of Hybadai – present a proposal according to ancestral custom:[2] since the most sacred and perfect of all days, the one hoped for by all, through the immortal harmony (homonoian) of the holy (hosiōn) kings (basileōn), Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax (20)Augustus Arabicus Adiabenicus Parthicus Maximus and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius Augustus, has been revealed to all people [by a shared announcement] from the greatest [kings], (i.e. the day) on which they received ⟦the most divine Emperor Publius Septimius Geta⟧ ⟦Pius Augustus⟧ into an equal partnership (isēgorian) in the office (archēs) of Emperor (25)by means of a heavenly vote (psēphōi) and judgement, establishing their whole family (holoklērō genei) in the kingship of the Universe (tou kosmou to basileion),[3] the Council of the Areopagos and the Council of the 500 and the People of the Athenians shall decide to sacrifice in every genos (pangenei) and to hold a festival in common and [in private for the whole] royal family (basileiōi genei), and also to celebrate the day (30)as the birthday of the greatest [office (archēs)], in accordance with their other greatest (days), just as we have learnt from the holy pronouncement (rhēseōs), and to give a distribution (dianomēn) [to the whole People],[4] just as [their] mighty legate [and propraetor] and curator of our fatherland Gaius [Licinnius Telemachos] has also made clear in the preceding edict (diatagmati) (35)... piety, through which we will make clear the city's good cheer (euphrosunēn) and habitual piety towards their Olympian house.[5] uninscribed space
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(38)Alletippos (?) of Paiania[6] . . . of Paiania (40) . . . of Paiania Po- of Paiania Po- -ilus of Paiania Casius of Paiania Moschonios (?) of Paiania (45)Bassos of Paiania Teimotheos of Paiania -ieilyios (?) of Paiania Klados of Paiania . . . of Paiania (50)Potamos son of Hippon of Paiania Kommodos son of - of Paiania Polemon son of Teitos of Paiania . . . of Paiania Am[.]onlos (?) son of Euhemeros (55) . . . . . . . . . Apollophanes son of Zopyros (?) . . . (60)uninscribed space?
col. 2
Kallias of Paiania Telesphoros son of Soteridas of Paiania Rouphos (son of Rouphos) of Paiania Mareinos of Paiania (65)Xenophon of Paiania Zotikos (son of Zotikos) of Paiania Hortensius Menodoros of Paiania Gaios also called Epagathos of Paiania Phaustos son of Epaphrodeitos of Paiania (70)Diogenes (son of Diogenes) of Paiania Kydathenaians: Demetrios son of Kelados of Kydathenaion Artemon son of Heliodoros of Kydathenaion Dionysios son of Tryphon of Kydathenaion (75)Kelados son of Tryphon of Kydathenaion Steirians: Dionysodoros son of Apollonios Apollonios son of Artemidoros Kal- son of Eus- (80)Tychikos (son of Tychikos) of Steiria Onesimos son of Polydeukes of Paiania (prytany) secretary
col. 3
Those who have permanent dining rights (aiseitoi):[7] Claudius Hierophant (son of Apollinarios) of Acharnai (85)Fabius Dadouch of Marathon Claudius Altar Priest (epi bōmō) of Melite Herennius Sacred Herald of Hermos Aurelius Fire-bearer (purphoros) of Lamptrai Herald of the Council and People: (90)Claudius Attikos of Marathon Deputy herald Aphrodeisios of Phlya Secretary of the Council and People: Aristoboulos son of Attikos of Anagyrous (95)Secretary at the bema (peri to bema): Rhodon son of Kallistos of Marathon Copy secretary (antigrapheus): Flavius Marinus of Ch- Sacred pipe-player (hieraulēs): Athenaios son of Aphrodeisios Priest of the Phosphoroi: Aristeides (100)Under-secretary: Menophilos son of Paramonos