Choregic dedication of Quintus Vibius Crispus for the City Dionysia

IG II3 4 557 Date: 84-90 AD
When Quintus Vibius Crispus of [Marathon was archon and sponsor (chorēgountos)],[1] Asklepiades son of Hygeinos of [Anaphlystos was competition-director (ēgōnothetei), Deiogenes . . . ] was director, Philode[mos] was pipe-player.[2] [ . . . Aiantis was victorious in the men's competition]. [Crispus], three-time consul of Rome, [and as archon was also sponsor], (5) When Asklepiades [was competition-director for Dionysos], Deiogenes directed [a chorus of young men (kourōn), with which] Aiantis [was victorious], and [Philodemos set a rhythm] for the flutes.[3]