Honours for the prytany treasurer of Oineis

Agora XV 304 Date: 12/3-18/9 AD
Since, having made an approach to the Council, the prytaneis of Oineis and those with perpetual dining rights (aeisitoi) declare to the Council that the treasurer, whom they chose from among themselves, Theages son of Apollonios of Oe,[1] has made the sacrifices to the gods to whom it was traditional from his own resources, piously and (5)sumptuously, and treated them brilliantly and with love of goodness (philagathōs) [and . . . ], being disposed (well?) towards the man, they call on [the Council to allow them to make a dedication] of a painted image of him [on a gilt shield in the Ptole]maion gymnasion[2] and [to inscribe it with the following: "The prytaneis and those with perpetual] dining rights in the archonship of Kotys[3] (10)[(erect this image) of their own treasurer, Theages son of Apollonios] of Oe, on account of his excellence (aretēs) [and love of honour (philotimias) regarding them," and it is fitting] for the Council always [to honour good men], uninscribed space for good fortune, [the Council shall decide to praise the treasurer, Theages son of Apo]llonios of Oe, . . . with practices and (15)[to crown him with a foliage crown, with which it] is [traditional] to crown [good men, and also to allow] the prytaneis [and those with perpetual dining rights to make] the dedication of the image [in the] Pto[lemaion gymnasion, so that, when these things are completed], it shall be apparent that the Council [has honoured . . . ] and also . . . (20) . . . . . . uninscribed space
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[Thri]a: - -enos (son of -enos) (25)-lin- (son of -lin-) . . . (the younger?) -s (son of -s)